Imam Zamin Coin - 8th Imam

Our 8th Imam, Imam Ali reza is known as Imam Zamin. Zamin means the guarantor or someone who guarantees.

Once the Imam was going on a journey from Madina to khorasan (marwa). On the way he saw a hunter chasing a deer and trying to kill it. While this deer was running and trying to escape, she saw the Imam and she came to him and told him something. The Imam then told the hunter to let the deer free because her fawns (or baby deers) were very hungry and she was going to feed them. And he also guaranteed him that the deer will return after feeding her young ones. So the hunter lets her go and waits to see if the deer really returns. A while later, the deer returns with her young ones and obviously the hunter was astonished so he let the deer free. And since then, the imam got the title - Imam Zamin or the guarantor.

So traditionally, people use his name for safety and wrap some money with a cloth and call it Imam Zamin. If you go to Imam Reza's shrine, you'll also find these special golden coins that have his name and a dua of safety engraved on it. This coin is known as "Imam Reza's coin".


You Will Need:

White card
Gold glitter
Colouring pencils


How To Make:

1. Using scissors cut 2 circles (8cm approx) from the white card.

2. Glue the 2 circles together.

3. On one side, write Imam Zamin & on the back of the coin write 8p (8 for the 8th Imam).

4. Decorate the coin using colouring pencils and glitter.