Volunteer Updates - 14th Jan, 2016

Friday 15 January, 2016
4 Rabi Al Thaani 1437
Welcome 2016
Dear Respected Volunteers,

Salaamun Alaykum!

We would like to welcome you to our new Academic Year 2016. Please read through our updates below carefully.
First Week at Madressa  
Insh'Allah Madressa will begin Sunday 17th January, 2016. Please ensure you arrive on time.

Kenmore: It is absolutely vital that all teachers arrive on Site by 10:00AM to ensure that young children can be attended to as required. This is a must. For the first week, registration will begin at 10:00AM. Teachers are requested to arrive earlier to assist wherever possible.

Stanmore: All teachers must be present at least 5 minutes before their class starts. Again, this is a must!

Teacher's Charter  

Being a Madressa volunteer is indeed an honour and a blessing from Allah (swt) in giving us an opportunity to serve HIM and the Ahlul Bayt (AS). Being a teacher also brings that extra incentive that you are in position to influence young minds in guiding them towards the teachings of Quran and Ahlul Bayt (AS). But of course, this comes with an immense obligation to undertake this duty with the utmost care and professionalism and deliver in accordance with the Madressa expectations.

To this effect, every teaching staff must adhere to the Teachers Charter found in your Teachers Manual (click here).

You are requested to review the document and confirm Acceptance of your obligation to adhere to the charter by signing this form: Click here.

Please note that there is also an option of “Not accepting the T&C” in which case your HOD will discuss with you how to resolve the matter in an amicable way.

Let us all do our part in ensuring the smooth running of Madressa with the best possible performance.

Teacher Absences  

In order to minimise administrative burden on hods, teachers must plan their absence (unless emergency of course) by arranging cover themselves and notify HOD/Admin. Important cover is managed timely and with solid handover to ensure all lessons are maximised.

IT Resources  

With the Lesson Plans and new Qur'an notes supported by Powerpoints, all teachers need to bring their own laptop or tablet so that the visual presentation on a big screen can be accommodated.

At present Madressa would not be able to provide these resources to ALL teachers in one single instance.

If you do not have a laptop/tablet then please let us know in advance of your lesson.

Timetable Format  
Please see the 2016 by clicking here. If you have any queries, please contact your Head of Department. Please make a note of the new formal subject names, and the newly proposed Winter and Summer timetable that we are trying for the first time.  
How our Classes are Labeled for 2016  

Due to our new minimum age intake policy (see here) we have NO new intake of class 1. As such, all classes will move up as usual and we will only have classes 2-13 

However for labelling purposes we will reset the class numbers from 1 so the new class range will be 1-12.

In light of the above, the following applies:

Students in Classes 1 - 4 will be at Kenmore. On the first day; volunteers in red jackets will be on site to assist students and parents and guide them to their classrooms. Students in Classes 1 and 2 will have their classes on the ground floor. Students in Classes 3 and 4 will have their classes in the upper floor.

Students in Classes 5 - 12 will be at Stanmore. Click here to view the classroom locations.

Term 3 2015 Marks Pending  

If you have not yet completed the Marks from Term 3 of 2015, please do login to your Teacher Portal and do so.

Teacher's Manuals for 2016  

Please find soft copies of Teacher Manuals here. Student manuals will be distributed in Madressa on Sunday 24th January, 2016.


Quran Appreciation Notes & Resource

Please find soft copies of Qur'an Appreciation notes and supplementary presentations by clicking here. For each class, the initial two lessons have been prepared. As lessons are prepared, we will post them to the relevant class page on the above link.

If you require hard copies of the lessons, please complete an online Photocopy Request form.
Lesson Plans  

As mentioned on the Teacher's Induction Day, a group of professional teachers, referred to as the 'LP Team' are working on creating Lesson Plans for the Morals, Ethics & History (MEH) subject. Though they are primarily focusing on MEH Lessons, they are also available to provide guidance on other subjects.

These teachers have also been assigned a year group in Madressa (Stanmore only for now) to mentor the teachers and observe classes to assist in enhancing teaching quality and delivery of material.

Lesson Plans are being created in batches as a work in progress. Your feedback to these mentors will be essential to ensure the Lesson Plans are utilised fully and are effective as intended.

Please find the first batch of lesson plans for each class by clicking here.


It is a MANDATORY obligation for each teacher to ensure registers are completed. Parents are automatically notified on a child’s absence when we update in our system and it causes much distress when our records are inaccurate, not to mention that we fail in our Safeguarding duties.

Please mark 'P' for Present, and 'A' for Absent, using a black or blue pen (no markers). Please also refrain from allowing students to take the attendance. The obligation is solely with the teacher.

For consistency - students who are more than 5 minutes late must be marked on the registers as “L”. This will be reported back to parents and will be crucial to adhere to our Attendance policy.


[Stanmore] - No Food/Drink in Class Policy


We have recently updated our food and drink policy to improve the learning atmosphere of our classes.  During lesson time students will only be allowed to consume water, no other food or drink will be permitted. The only exception to this rule is for medical reasons, please inform admin in writing if your child needs to eat during lesson time.

Students are allowed to consume food and drink during their break times, before or after madressa.

All Classes must adhere to the "No Food/Drink in Class (apart from water) Policy" without fail.

Behavioural Management Policy  

The Madressa is Piloting a new Behaviour Management Policy at Stanmore and most likely Class 4 at Kenmore. A brief introduction was given on Induction Day.

However, for your records, please find more details available here.

To oversee the Behaviour Management Policy we have assigned volunteers who will be your point of contact for any queries during Madressa Hours. These are:

Stanmore Ladies: Sr Sukaina Mukhtar

Stanmore Gents: Br Mohammadraza Suteria

For Kenmore, all queries to be directed to Sr Shenaz Dhalla.

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Diary Dates
Sunday 17th Jan, 2016 - New Academic Year Begins
Key Policies

Please also note: NO cell phones or electronic gadgets are permitted in Madressa.

We have recently updated our food and drink policy to improve the learning atmosphere of our classes.  During lesson time students will only be allowed to consume water, no other food or drink will be permitted. The only exception to this rule is for medical reasons, please inform admin in writing if your child needs to eat during lesson time.

Students are allowed to consume food and drink during their break times, before or after madressa.
Photocopying Requests
All Photocopy Requests must be submitted latest by Wednesday by completing the Photocopy Request Form (click here). Late submissions will be accommodated on best efforts only.
Message from LS Team
As we inshallah start a  new year at Madressa I would like to remind everyone that for many children giving up their Sundays to attend Madressa can be a struggle, especially if they do not live locally.  

Please spare a special thought for the children that we have under our care that have special needs or require additional support, for them giving up their Sundays can be even more of a challenge. With this in mind I humbly request that Teachers who have children who require LS support pay special attention in differentiating class work if, and when, it is needed.

On the Ladies LS side I have been liaising with Teachers to ensure that this is  taking place .

Please can I ask that  the Teachers on the Ladies side email or text me  what they plan to teach on a weekly  basis by  Wednesday evening. (My contact details will be provided to the HOD’s).

There is nothing worse than having a child sitting in class with a blank  expression on their face unable to follow what is going on or who even feels left out from learning. I am here to help the Teachers were I can so please reach out if you need any assistance. 

Ruby Sowah (Stanmore Ladies LS HOD)
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- Get in touch with Parents 

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