Class 4 - Week 4 Update (08-02-2015)

Dear Parents/Guardians of Class 4,

Salaamun Alaykum

This is an updates of week 4 Sunday 8-2-2015 on topics taught in your child's class.

This week we covered 'working hard and not being lazy'. A few anecdotes were shared in relation to the theme. Examples 'the father and his lazy son' , little red hen e.t.c. The children understood that although sometimes it's difficult to work hard and tempt off laziness, the fruits of hard work are beautiful and character building.

We also watched a short clip on 'Abida - the lazy bee' certificates were given out(1 per child) - can parents award them to the children during the week for doing something they don't normally do for themselves, and bring them in for show and tell next week.
Abidah the bee clip for akhlaq - click here.

This week in Fiqh we introduced Usul-ud-deen, the roots of religion. We likened these roots to the roots of a plant or tree - the children identified the roots as being the most important part as they nourish it and cause it to grow; likewise, the roots of religion are necessary for us to believe in and grow.

We watched a puppet show on the roots of religion and began a worksheet on it. Pls can the children finish this off for homework - page 18 of the Fiqh workbook. Some children will receive their workbook 15-2-15 .
Usuul-e-deen video for Fiqh - click here.

We have also begun practising the different parts of Salaah. Pls can children practise Sura Ikhlas over the week.

Many Thanks for your Support,

Class 4 Teachers