Enrolment 2015

For Enrolments please note the following:

  • ONLINE Enrolment for Academic year Jan-Dec 2015 will commence 1 Dec 2014
  • All details will be posted on our website when Enrolment period opens
  • Children must be 4 by 30 June 2015 to be eligible for enrolment into class 1
  • We do not operate a waiting list ahead of the 1st December 2014 commencement date.
  • The Annual Fee is £80 per child
  • To view our admissions policy please click here


S I Madressa Administration

If the lesson ends in noise or confusion, that is what the class will remember when they next meet you.


  • Talk to the whole class to round off a lesson.
  • Summarise what has gone on, if your lesson requires this treatment.
  • Make a note of unfinished work and anything you must remember for next time, while it is still fresh in your mind.
  • Sometimes tell the students what will happen next week to motivate them to return.
  • Make any announcements at the end of the lesson so that the students remember the information.
  • Put back any furniture you have rearranged.
  • Clean the board.
  • Check the classroom is reasonably clean.
  • If it is the last lesson, close windows, switch off lights and escort the students to the Wudhu area.



  • Walk out, ignoring the class, or ignore them as they leave.
  • Ask the class to remind you to do something the next time – it is your job.
  • Finish the class early and let everyone out – it disturbs the lessons for other teachers.
  • Leave the room in a mess.


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