3D Ka'ba Model (2)


Make a Kaaba for your Home or the Classroom


You Will Need:

- Box

- Bronze paint

- Black marker

- Black felt

- White cardboard

- White foam

- Foil

- Golden trim

- Jewel stone stickers

- Black pebble

- Kaaba Door photograph/model.


How To Make:

1. Paint the bottom with bronze paint.

2. Then with the marker, draw bricks.

3. Cover the rest of the sides with black felt.

4. On the top, use white cardboard and on the sides, white foam (as bpic below).

5. Glue on a foil frame for Hajre Aswad, and stick on the black pebble in the middle.

6. Decorate as below with golden trim and jewel stone stickers.

7. Stick on the Kaaba door photo/model.